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Our Favorites

Thursday, October 13, 2011

About This Business

Fresh, healthy, affordable, nothing fancy Chinese food! Free delivery to all the hotels/offices at the Oakland Airport area. Staying healthy even when you're away from home.
We use the same produce wholesaler as Berkeley Bowl and we also shop for local seasonal greens in our vibrant Oakland's Chinatown.

Established in 2006

Founded by a guy who don't mind working underwage and overtime doing what he loves!

Meet the Business Owner: Calvin Ton aka Charlie Chan
Born in Hong Kong, China. Raised in Dallas, TX. Moved to the beautiful Bay Area during my pre-teen years. Can't imagine working and living anywhere else. The Bay Area is like no other place in the world. Beautiful weather with hard working people of all colors of the rainbow. Here is the REAL melting pot!

I make all the top secret sauces used at Charlie Chan with the finest and freshest ingredients. Something Panda Express can't duplicate. (no offense to their HUGE customer base)